Thursday, June 25, 2009

Angels Among Us

I have to say that for an individual on the end of the random acts of kindness it makes one very overwhelmed and grateful. We sometimes know those that are our little angels and there are times that we have faceless and nameless angels. I was touched by the post Trent ( ) did of a Father's Day meal left for him. I am touched by the wonderful angel that is always watching over and protecting a sister. (one that has found a special spot in the hearts of all Jensens).
As I have recently been blessed with some individuals that have shown up when least expected and blessed by their kindness.
To my little angel that has blessed, served and fed me and my family I thank you.
I am truly grateful for all those angels among us.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Nothing like an update for three weeks. Although we have been in St. George enjoying all the sun.
For the first few part of the St. George excursion was with my boys. They love it down there. Swimming to their hearts content. The boys will just float in the pool with their life jackets.

Some lava caves and sand dunes to wear out the boys. This was a fabulous first for the boys. It was up Snow Canyon. We might have enjoy that more often.

After a few days Brad headed home with the boys and I was left down to enjoy a girls weekend. It was fabulous. Nothing more than some sun, swim, eating and shopping. I guess through in a bunch of laughs and that will sum up the vacation. It was so much fun to be with just the girls. We did miss a few that were unable to make it. There is nothing better than a good laugh listening to Brooke's alter ego LuLu. This trip she upped it a bit for a telephone call from LuLu to Mr. Jensen. If one is ever in the need for a good laugh Brooke is your girl.

Nothing like a train of grown up adults.
A little swimming

Amy is in heaven with no kids and a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.

It was the best week ever.