Thursday, February 26, 2009

Road Rash

This is the latest incident at the Bentleys. The sad part is I am not really sure how it all happened. James went out side to ride his bike and a few minutes later his friend came in to tell me James was hurt. All I was able to get from James was that he was mad that the tree was by the road. I guess he hit the tree and fell into the road face first. This "little" bump takes up a good part of the front of his forehead. (and he has a big forehead) He told me through his tears that he should have had a helmet. I guess I will break down and pay the $15 dollars for my childs safety.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Innocence lost??

It happened. I knew it would and I did nothing to prepare myself. Last night we were sitting watching TV and James drops the BOMB!!
"Mom, how does the thing the grows the baby get inside the mom's tummy?"
I think I almost fell off the couch. I was floored. I just wonder what goes on in that kids mind. I even pulled out the "s" word. I have no idea on how to explain it. I tried the seed analogy and he just asked more questions. The kid wants straight forward answers. I feel as though I have warped my kids mind. Once we finished talking and explaining to the kid he was happy with the answer. I am not sure if he fully grasp everything, but we tried to explain the best we could on short notice. The kids thirst for knowledge is amazing.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Westminster Basketball Game

Last night we met up with one of Brad's old basketball teammates to go check out the ever popular Westminster Griffins. We first met up for dinner and within a few minutes James and Josh were in love with the girls.

Josh's ability at self portraits is just amazing.

Brad explaining the ins and outs of the game.

This was Josh's main squeeze for the night. We got to the game and the played and sat right by each other. One would think we were all on dates. I told Josh I would take their picture and he went and wrapped his arm around Emery.

James' "date" for the evening. Irelynn is James same age and she was all about wrestling and some strength game. So funny.

It was fun to head back to the old stomping grounds. I am sorry to say we left at halftime to get kids in bed,but it was fun to see old friends that we don't see very often.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stumped by James

My James is such a curious little kid. He always asks me the most random questions. One can only imagine what goes on in that little head. Here are a few of the questions that he has asked me or Brad lately.

"Mom, do all the Pirates in the world have to speak English?"

"Dad, what language does Heavenly Father and Jesus speak?"

"Mom, tell me ways people can go blind."

"Mom, how does a Mom that is not married have a baby?"

I had the boys c-section (easy to explain how a baby is born)

"Mom, not all babies are cut out of mom's stomach."

Mom, "Really!"
"How does someone move to Hawaii. How do they get everything over the ocean?"

Words that James defines to Josh



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Slice of Heaven

I really think last week was heaven on earth. family, sun and fun all wrapped up together in a vacation of a life time. A few pictures and some of my favorite things should sum up the week nicely.

Does it really get any better than wheeln' and dealin' for some fine items to purchase? One of the best parts. JUST GIRLS!!!! No kids or husbands to try to keep happy. To much fun.
The Whole Group

Our first morning
A few of my favorite things........
*6:00 am on the beach with the family
*a little holiday for my 5 senses..
smells of paradise
sights of the ocean and the colors that surround you
taste of fresh pineapple
touch of ocean and sand
sounds of the ocean in the earlier morning
*riding waves
*Sunday morning marathon finish
*COUSINS...all day everyday
*Maui CookWees
*the pool
*Cheeseburger in Paradise
*Lapperts ice cream (nothing better)
*seeing things through you kids eyes
Heaven on Earth!!!!