Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wasatch Back 2013

One of my favorite races...hands down.
I trained so hard, I loved that it was in our "own backyard", and I loved
those that I ran with.
It was sad that one of our runners got hurt and had to bow out at the last minute.
Lucky, we were able to find a replacement.
I was in van #2 and with that came a slow start to our Friday morning.
Van #2 met up at Brooke and Ben's for breakfast.
We loaded the gold nugget, hit the grocery store and were off to the first major exchange.

I love when the first runner in the van heads out and the rush as those not running get.
I love pulling off to watch for our runner and give support.
There is also down time in waiting and where some of the best photos come from.

Bill was the first runner in our Van.

Love seeing Bill finish his first leg and Brooke heading out on her's
I am always a fan of the post race dialogue
Jake ready for his 1st run
Brooke has a fabulous finish to her 1st leg. She even has a smile on her face.
I am getting ready for my 1st leg, Brooke is giving me support.
Jen is giving me my pep talk.
Jake came flying into the exchange.
check out his legs...
Meeting up at the 2nd major exchange.
It is always good to see the other van.
Favorite moment...
Jill falling through the fence.
Bill and Brooke???
I don't know about those two
Dad with his ladies......Jake photo bomb
Dad doing "daisy arms"
Jen coming into the finish
Best picture of Amy
Amy in her 2nd run and I think she popped an ovary
Alittle down time for Van #2
Hard to get good picture at night, but my cousin volunteered for our team and was at a water station until 1:00 am. What a gem.
Another favorite picture...Mike Neider coming in to finish off his third and final leg and his older Sister Nicole was there to cheer him on. I tear up everytime looking at it.
My Sisters..
No one else I would rather run with.
To watch one another doing something so hard, to see each other pushed to the limits physically and emotionally is so hard, but so inspiring.
Alot of the motivation behind running relays for me is watching, cheering, supporting, and lifting one another. I love it.
Ben was a neon flasher...
Billy running into the exchange
Brooke was about half way through her finial run. The hardest part was yet to come.
I wish I had a better picture of Brooke's face....exhaustion, but she DID IT
and the best part of finishing one of the legs looking at the exchange for your team member....
Jake was there waiting for Brooke....again tears
Then Jake was off for another intense leg.
He is amazing
Me waiting for Jake to come into the exchange and begin my climb up the mountain.
Seriously, Jake came flying into the exchange
My Van had time to kill as I made the climb,
Slow, slow, slow
Van support
More Van support
Coming into the tears
Team BONK!
Amazing....Can't wait for next year.