Saturday, June 23, 2012


Last week he head to Palisades down by Manti for the day with our amazing neighbors.
We headed out early to get to the lake with plenty of time to play. The kids headed out in the kayaks within a matter of minutes.
Loved of minute of it.
I was so impressed with James and Josh going out alone and rowing their way around the lake.
 There was a little dock that we could swim out to.
He was perfect to swim to and jump off it.
 Jackson couldn't be any happier.
 James enjoying the lake
 Plenty of time spent trying to catch little fish.
The boys did really well catching them with the nets.
 Jackson was so good about having his life jacket on. Anytime he wanted to get in the kayaks or swim he would always fine his life jacket to get on.

 James working on a hole.
 Bruce and Jackson taking a walk together.
 Jackson loved the kayaks.
Olivia was nice enough to tie the kayaks together and row around the lake.
He was in heaven.

These boys found mud to play in.
It was caked on them.

 This is how we ended the day.
So tired from sun and fun.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Favorite

 Last weekend I found my inner Betty Crocker and made one of my favorite treats.
So much goodness.
Doesn't get much better.
Loved every bite.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Staycation.....A success!!!
Brad and I where in charge of the "vacation".
We tried to think of activities that we don't usually do, things that would make a range of age groups happy, and not to much $$$.


Friday we opted for some separate activities. The Dads took all the kids mini golfing and to lunch at McDonald's. No pictures, but I would have loved to witness the outing.

While the men tended to the kiddos, the ladies hit Cameo College for pedicures (AMAZING) followed by lunch at Jason's Deli.

After lunch we met up and the ladies took the kids swimming out at the Kearns Rec Center and the men hit the links.

I love going out to the rec center. They have it all and the kids are so happy with so much to do.

A favorite: The large buckets that dumps water.
One of the times Teeny got in on the action in her clothes. (she was persuaded by a daughter and alittle $$)

After hours at the pool we headed to Kaysville to Jason and Ang's house for dinner.
So good and plenty of time to visit and spend time together.
Like I said good food, but I think the highlight was the stomp rocket.
The kids couldn't get enough of it and the instant competition to see who's went the highest.

A favorite picture of mine.
Big Josh picked up Jackson to get him out of the way.

After an exhausting first day we decided to push back our meeting time for Saturday morning. Everyone of us was spent.

After a good night sleep we met up at Sundance ski resort for a hike and picnic.
An amazing day to be up in the mountains.

We were missing a few family members (all were missed), but we had a good turn out for the hike.

The top of the ski lift

The hike was much longer then I thought, but there was just a little path and we all fell into line and followed Amanda up the mountain.
I love these pictures of the group.

We had all packed lunches and it was an amazing setting to sit and eat our lunch at the bottom of the waterfall. Stewart Falls, it was a great hike.

Like a moth to a flame.
Josh loves water.
It was bitter cold but this kid couldn't wait to get in.

 My Family

 The Cousins

The hike down was crazy, we all lined up and started to head back to the ski lift for the ride down. James and Josh naturally wanted to be in the front trailblazing.
Ironic as it sounds with the amazingly, long line of family we got separated.
Before we realized it...Josh, James, Naomi, Ang, and Amanda were on the right path back to the ski lift and the rest of us were heading down the mountain. Not sure were our path went off, but instead of a nice ski lift down the mountain we were walking it.
In our attempts to get down the mountain we lost another part of our group in a different direction.
Three different groups all headed down the mountain and hopeful all headed in the right direction.
Lucky for me I was in the group the reached the bottom the fastest.
We waited 15 and the second group showed up and 1 hour later Amanda, Ang, James, Josh and Naomi came down the ski lift.  Yuck.
Note to self or anyone else....not to bad to hike down then head back to the ski lift.
On our way down our little guy had it and fell right to sleep.


 Waiting the arrival of the "lost tribes

After hiking and an exhausted group we all headed back to our house for dinner.
We were hoping for some slip n slide action, but it was freezing.
We opted for some relaxing and TV time and a pinata.

 It was such a fun day.
We once again were all so tired by nights end.

We had family dinner at JR and Alisa's house Sunday night to complete the staycation.
With the help of everyone dinner was amazing.

 Jackson found and enjoyed the massage chair.

 Grandma Judkins sharing some stories from her childhood.
**Grandma is celebrating her 100th birthday in August.

More stomp rocket (Thanks Ang)

 Intense games of lighting

 Jason getting some love from Dot.

It was a great few days with lots of family and fun
Many were missed!!
After a weekend of playing we had Josh and Kathy's wedding to look forward too.