Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Graduation Highs and Lows
*Josh is done for the whole summer...
*realizing this might be the only graduation of Josh's that we make. The road we are on it might be graduation from some 12 step program
* trying to entertain the kid now that I have him home in the mornings
*loved his teacher!!! We will miss her. Best teacher ever!!
*Josh sang the songs in the program so he must have paid attention to something
*this should be the only time we see "performances" by Josh. I think we will be encouraging more of the physical performances on a field
*no more tuition through the summer

He looks like such a nice boy!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


No secret that my little Joshie is my, "Everest" in life. The kid beats to his own drum. Last night at dinner he was throwing cheese, yes cheese who does that? He kept throwing and I told him if he did it one more time he was done eating for the night. Mind you he is laughing and I have smoke coming out my ears.....naturally he did it again and I grab him from his stool and set him on the stair all the while he keeps laughing and has one more piece to throw as he is being hauled away.
So per Shannon's grateful post.....I am SO SO SO grateful that Josh sleeps.

Skate Park

We headed to the local skate park for a "family night" that the city did. It was crazy. Kids with their bikes, scooters, boards and rollerblades all going in different directions. My boys ended up in a big cement bowl sliding down. I guess anything to keep the entertained for a little while.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I don't know how many have had the opportunity to see the beautiful blankets that James and Josh love. They are both on their last leg. I have tried to fix them a few times, but it is really time to retire them. The blanket Josh loves is one that my grandma (Maga) made for me when I was a kid. I am betting it is at least 25 years old and the kid loves it. James' is a blanket I made for him when he was about 2. My sewing skills are not good so that blanket is falling to pieces. I have tried to tell the boys that we need to make new blankets. Pure distress in their face. I informed them that we can go to the store and pick out fabric together.
Today was that day. I was walked through the rows of the fabrics the boys found what they wanted really fast. After picking out the fabric and realized that the fabric the picked out totally fits their personalities. Forget the color test. I think a fabric that one picks out is a great way to determine personalities.
James' Fabric
He saw this and loved it. He proceeded to tell me all the presidents that he could see on the money. A fabric with a bunch of money. The kid is in heaven. Anything with numbers and money sums up James.

Josh's Fabric
Really.......I am that surprised?The most obnoxious looking fabric with skulls and cross bones on it. Very fitting. A little blood red on the back to go with it.
That's my boy!!!!
On the way out he told me, "Mom, I am going to have an evil blanket."
I guess this is what I get when telling the boys to pick out their own fabrics.
I just hope I can bring myself to make Josh's.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Team Player

I don't think there is anything as funny as watching kids learning to play sports. I am pretty sure that the games are ment for comdic relief.

Josh is really such an asset out field
Are you all thinking Bo Jackson????

Waiting for his turn to bat

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jill

23 Reasons I love Jill...
1. She is a fabulous dresser
2. she knows just what you need when you need it
3. she loves our kids
4. she is always up for an adventure
5. she has an ability to assess a situation and figure out a solution
6. she is a hard worker
7. she is the family A-- (mule)
8. Jill's testimony is amazing
9. she can pull off caring a has large has a child
10. she is a blast to travel with
11. she enjoys every moment she is in
12. I admire her goal to lose weight and she did it and looks FAB!!!!
13. So tech savoy
14. is about to buy a home
15. has a contagious laugh
16. is a great cook
17. is always willing to try new things
18. is amazingly strong through some ruff trials
19. her ability to love the simple things in life
20. worked so hard through school
21. always has a listening ear
22. she can soak up every minute of life
23. her ability to love you with every part of her
Happy Birthday Jill !!!!