Monday, April 27, 2009

Breaking and Entering with a side of Brithday

Once again our Saturday turned out to be a fab one. After an early Temple Celebration practice and a rained out soccer game we headed up to Bountiful for a home tour, birthday and basketball. Some of us met up at Jill's "new house". We all needed to get the lay of the land. We got there and Jill's Realtor couldn't get the house open. So in true Jensen fashion we all thought of different ways to get into her house. First, Jill grab the battery from her garage door opener to see if that would work. We tried sliding the garage window open, we tried lifting the garage door. My favorite was Brad lifting James up on the deck to see if the door was open. So funny. I am surprised that we didn't have the cops so up with all our attempts to get in. Needless to say we were unable to get into her house. Good News!!! Jill should be very safe if she moves in.

After our breaking in attempts failed we headed up to Trent and Amy's for a dot party. It was al0t of fun. Oakley was so happy it was her birthday and the kids had fun playing with one another.

Oakley with her new headband. I wanted to get her some leg warmers and a copy of Olivia Newton John's "Let Get Physical"

Amy had a little treasure hunt planned for the kids. So Funny!!! One would have thought there was real gold they were finding. Needless to say it all worked out. Grandma in her element. Need we say more.
One of the funnier things that happened was all the kids were out jumping and Adien peed on the tramp. After Amy washed it all off the kids were trying to push one another into the "pee" James being the biggest one was getting all the little kids. Watching this Amy thought James needed someone bigger to push him in. She ran out to get James and a few minutes later Luke and Cade decided Amy needed to be pushed into the pee. So funny.

After all the parting we watched the over so disappointing Jazz game.
Thanks Trent and Amy for having us all up. It is always so much fun.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You know you are a Mom when...

You know you are a Mom when....
you walk to the bathroom and get blank stares when you say you want to go alone
you are going to the bathroom and the entourage joins you with "fabulous" information
you sit on the couch and everyone sits on the same cushion
you know more about Lego's and star wars than current events
you think you know all the current events after checking out at the grocery store
you hid your snack so it doesn't get consumed when you walk away
you once again get the blank stares when you say, "Mom is going out for a little alone time"
you need to wear a black and white striped shirt and a whistle around your neck
you when are trying to talk peace treaty's over light sabers and guns
you want to have a shower alone so you can shave
your Mac & Cheese consumptions triples
you have to keep the battle noises quiet in sacrament meeting
you know when Spongbob comes on so you can try to schedule a trip alone to the bathroom
you bed becomes the site WWF, (that is NOT brad and heidi WWF)
you ask for help around the house and you would think you had just asked for a limb chopped off
you say, "I am not your maid" and they don't understand
you start watching your favorite show and you get complaints, so you leave to the next room and 5 minutes later you are no longer alone
what you want is......long gone
To my own Mom..sorry for all the blank stares and "group" bathroom trips.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday Fun

Last night we got to have Annie over for a few hours. We all thought it was Christmas. Annie came in the boys went crazy. We had so much fun and it didn't seem that the over sized heads making lots of noise bothered her to much. We had so much fun with her. Love that little girl.

We had Josh's soccer game earlier in the day. This is how serious the kid took his game. The kid did score a goal. It was fun to see him so excited.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

57 Reasons Why I Love You
1. I love the way you love Mom
2. I love the way you work hard
3. I love the way you teach
4. I love your testimony
5. I love the way you jump in to help
6. I love the way you problem solve
7. I love the way you taught us to love Mom
8. I love the way you built your business
9. I love the way you are always watching out for someone else
10. I love the way you love the grand kids
11. I love the way you taught us to be independent
12. I love that you always told us to "grit your teeth and bear it"
13. I love that you pushed us
14. I love that you taught us the feeling of service
15. I love you willingness to serve
16. I love you tough guy appearance.....
17. I love that I know you are really a big teddy bear
18. I love the way you share
19. I love that way you want to share
20. I love that you introduced us to the flour game
21. I love that you would play bunk n bronco
22. I love how you serve in your calling
23. I love that you always give 110%
24. I love that you took cookies to your Sunday school class every Sunday so long ago
25. I love that you were glad kids came even if it was just for the cookies
26. I love that you take such good care of Mom
27. I love that you take good care of your parents
28. I love that you "encouraged" us to cliff jump
29. I love that you took us to Lake Powell
30. I love that a day at Utah Lake turned into a weekend in Lake Powell
31. I love that you wanted to build a cabin
32. I love that you wanted to do it all
33. I love that no project is to big
34. I love the way you always watch out for your kids
35. I love that you love an adventure
36. I love that you taught us to love things hot
37. I love that you love your truck
38. I love that you are passionate about Utah football
39. I love that now us kids are passionate about it.
40. I love that you took us to the bowl games Utah played in
41. I love that you taught us that there is no other place to sit in sacrament then the back row.
42. I love that when you were called into the bishopric that you went to sit on the stand in your dockers and shirt (did you even have a tie?)
43. I love the way you care for those around you (Wrights, Cliff)
44. I love the way you love those that have married into the family
45. I love the way you run and jump into the pool
46. I love your willingness to be a temple worker so early in the morning
47. I love the example you set for us by getting up early to read your scriptures
48. I love the way it took you "forever" to get the video camera ready for Christmas morning
49. I love the ability you have to find "project" to be done (I am sure we had one every Saturday growing up)
50. I love that you can fix anything
51. I love the way you protect those you love
52. I love the way you love your calling
53. I love that you had the sacrament passed at the end of your meeting to keep from the mass exit. (makes me smile)
54. I love your self confidence
55. I love that you always have bubble gum for my kids
56. I love that the gospel is so important in your life.
57. I love that you are MY DAD
Happy Birthday!!

Branching Out

I found these puppies last night on a trip to target. I feel in love. I am really trying to branch out of the "norm" for myself. Blacks, greys and a little white. I thought these might be a nice addition to the "branching out" that I am working on. I will kkeep you posted. There is a high likely hood that these bad boys are going back.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter at Bentley's

Josh's painted bunny face. Not really loving it.

Those balloons are suppose to be bunny ears. Josh kept them on just long enough to take the picture. James wanted nothing to do with the face painting and bunny ears. He made a sword out of his balloons.
James and Josh preparing for a race.

The three-legged race championship. James and I won the first heat, but lost to Josh and Kate in the championship race. James and I are practicing and we will have a rematch.

Uncle Josh came up with this great game. The kids all tied balloons on their pants and then we taped a tack to their forehead and the kids had to try to pop one anothers balloons. It was so funny to watch and no one got a tack in the skin.

Baseball Practice

The other night James had his first baseball practice. We got there alittle early and James said, "Mom, is it ok to practice running the bases?"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break

Today was the first day of James' spring break. No better way to spend up than up north with the hoard. This morning we got up and headed out. We were about 10 mintues away from Amy's when I get a call from the kids wondering when we will be there. (I gotta say I love that the kids are always so excited when we come up)
When we finally got there it was non-stop fun and excitment. We had a fab lunch of lunchables. Followed by coloring easter eggs, and topped off with a little easter egg hunt in the front yard. It was so much fun. One of the best ways I think we could spend our spring break.

James' Look-a-Like???

James came home from school one day and told me he had made a bunny at school. "I made it look just like me", he says. I didn't really know how James could make a bunny look like himself, but I nodded and smiled. Wednesday when I pick him up this is what he showed me. A bunny with stitches and a big bump on his forehead.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tim

For those of you that know Brad, you know that the guy can't resist a opportunity to have a party. One of Brad's employees, Tim has become a good friend. Brad has been inviting him over to dinners, Wii playing, and Jack Bauer. Last night he came over and we had a little party. It was fun and the boys love when Tim comes over. Nothing better than white cake and Jack Bauer.

Monday, April 6, 2009

St. George

I wish I could say that I have been in St. George for the past 4 weeks to explain my blogging absence, but no. There is nothing that has happened even remotely excited to share. We just returned from the land og the sun last night. It was amazing. I really can't believe what difference it makes to wake up and have it feel warm outside. It is a beautiful thing.
We went down for a few, I am getting alittle worried that my days to get away as a family are coming to a halt with Brad starting school. It was also Brad's parents anniversary and his family was down on an adult trip. Brad was able to met up with his family for some of the activities. It was a good weekend and I hate to leave the warm weather.

Brad in his element......

Josh took a little toy book of James' to look through. He felt he needed to hide out so James wouldn't get mad.

I hate to admit that this guy here was out best friend over the weekend. I am sure I was there at least once a day.

Nothing like a battle on vacation.

Always the highlight....swimming. James is swimming really good these days and doen't wear his life jacket.

Nothing better than a dip in the water.

Flips into the pool.

It was a great weekend. I really think St. George is my home away from home.
Until another 4 weeks...........