Sunday, October 25, 2009

Local Happenings

Well, things haven't been overly exciting, but we are surviving. The few highlights of the last few weeks.....Not much, but enough to keep me busy.

We had Brad and James' Birthday's last weekend. I wish I had some great pictures of a wonderful party I had for James like I did Josh, but this Mom is tried and big. Lucky, James was fine with a movie event.
We ended up doing James' and Brad's birthday gifts one night and both were happy.

The following Sunday Grandma Teri was nice enough to host a double birthday celebration for the boys. It was heaven since I didn't have to do much...once again Fat and Lazy.

LuLu made a special appearance for the even with a solo of Happy Birthday. I have to say that there is nothing that can make me laugh like Lulu...
After some birthday celebrations and sending Brad down to Arizona for work..the three of us at home were visited by a special little virus.....Yes, the H1N1 hit James. Once again Grandpa Frank to the rescue. High doses of Tamiflu for James and some preventive does for Josh and I. We then contained ourselves to the house for the next 4 days. Can you say CABIN FEVER!!! i was going crazy. We didn't even get to have Brad come home for a break in our days.

I think we are over the virus and I have been Lysoling everything down. Cross your fingers that we are done here at the Bentley house.
I think the highlight of the past few weeks is I am in the third trimester and I think there just might be an end insight.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby Annie

Friday we decided to grab our favorite "little bean pole" for the days activities. One would have thought it was Christmas morning. The boys were so excited to go get Annie. Once we were dressed we headed to get Annie. The Boys were thrilled to see her. Once we had the little lover we headed to Chucky E Cheese for some excitement.

Send this girl to Vegas.....lovin' those nickel slots.
A ride in the monster truck (she liked it when it was not moving)

The boys couldn't get enough of her.

We decided to keep Annie for the night since Jamie and Mike headed down to the BYU game. All I can say is Annie seems pretty comfortable under the red and white.

We loved having Annie for a little sleepover. The girl is the happiest baby ever.