Saturday, December 31, 2011

23rd Party

December 23rd is a tradition on the Jensen side for as long as I can remember.

It has changed a few times, but the 23rd is a standing tradition.

We met up for a wonderful breakfast dinner. Nothing better than a Dodee (my Grandma) meal. Always a favorite.

I wish had a picture, but when I walked in the kitchen my Dad, Uncles and Aunt were all busy cooking and making meal preparations. Loved it.

Jackson thinks that if Maisy is sucking her thumb he also needs a finger in his mouth. I love these two together

Brooke was the perfect jungle jim

Nothing better then a smile from Miss ASisters

One of the many highlights of the night was the guessing game.

There were 12 different containers filled with different treats and we all guessed how many were in each one.

Of the 12 containers each boy won one.

So excited

After all the festivities ended Trent and Amy took all the kiddos (except Jackson) for a sleepover). Seriously, their 5 plus Annie, Maisy, James and Josh.

The kids loved it...Trent and Amy were exhausted.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Santa

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...

the kids were in bed

Mom and Dad stewing about

and what do my wondering eyes should appear

was a note for Santa

with one question to answer

My sweet James left this note, but forgot to set it by the tree for Santa to see.

Until next year.....???

Christmas 2011

I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone.

The New Year is upon us.

I feel that preparations for Christmas take so much time and the build up is so crazy and then it is over before I know it.

Boys opening their Christmas Pj's

Christmas morning

We told the boys they could come in to our room at 7:00

Once presents were opened we all got ready for church

I really liked going to church oh Christmas.

After church we changed and headed up to Mom and Dad's for Christmas brunch.

Love IT.

So much good food

Once brunch was done it was time to swap gifts.

Always a favorite.

We were showered with gifts.

Everyone was SO generous

Christmas night we headed to Bentley's for dinner and gifts.

No Christmas would be complete with out a Nativity acted out by the grandkids.

Joseph and one of the wise men

Cutest wise man
Another very handsome wise man

Full cast

It was an amazing fun filled day

I feel so lucky to have family close to celebrate with

Monday, December 19, 2011

One Crazy Weekend

Friday morning we hit the ground running.

Josh had a Christmas program at school followed by a classroom Christmas party that I was in charge of.

Friday afternoon Aiden and Andrew were dropped off for a sleepover.

After video games, spy games and movies we had dinner followed by the most amazing Christmas house.

I saw this house on the news.

Well worth the effort to go by.

This house has over 80 blow-up decoration in the yard.

Needless to say the boys were in heaven.

We let them get out of the car and see it all.

Happy as can be.

The favorite was a Santa that pulled his pants down and had a tattoo on his "upper bum".

Later Andrew and Josh helped make snickerdoodles.

Josh and Andrew wanted to make giant cookies.

Nothing better then watching one another play video games. Sunday night we attended the Johnson Family Progressive Dinner. (When we told James we were going to different houses for different parts of the dinner James replied, "that makes no sense. Why don't we just stay at one house?"

Mom and Bill

Brooke and Maisy

Jackson getting in on the love

One of my favorite people, Papa Morris.

My Papa always has a hug and a smile.

Love this man

Maga specify asked me not to put this picture on my blog, but Maga I just couldn't resist it.

I love Maga. She is such an example, and Maga you look great. Please forgive me for posting the picture?

It was an amazing fun filled weekend.

We are so blessed to live close to family during the Holiday season.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas party at Grandma Teeny's.

Good times had by all.

My favorite moment was when all my boys were sitting by each other and I told them i wanted a picture and Evie jumped right up and headed into the frame.

Love having girls around.

Again, sweet Evie can't resist a cameo appearance

Santa comes and the kids get to tell him what they want.

Always, a highlight
Jackson looks a little unsure.

But once he saw that Santa had a few gifts in his bag the kid jumped right up on his lap.

Grandma and Grandpa