Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Day!!

After a long and stressful week, we at the Bentley Compound are proud to state we are well.

We received the good news this morning.

Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts and fasts on our behalf.

Our family has been blessed.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Vacation...

"A vacation...from my problems"

We have needed to lighten the mood at the Bentley Estate and nothing better than spending the afternoon at the pool with the ones we love.

Monday, July 18, 2011


We took advantage of living so close to the canyons Saturday and headed up to snowbird for a hike. It was amazing. The weather was perfect, the company was prime, and the boys were loving running through the mountains.

Jackson is HUGE!!!!

When I saw this picture I realized that maybe the "baby" carrier is no more. It looks like I have a 1st grader strapped to me chest.

These boys have so much fun together. If Jackson is in therapy when he is older for family identity issues one will know why.

I am pretty sure Jackson things Hudson is his brother.

I am sure he is happy has can be realizing that if he heads next door he can get whatever he wants. Our fabulous neighbors usually have a drink in the fridge with his name on it. They have his favorite ice cream treats in the freezer.I guess if down the road we have a few therapy bills it will be worth it for having neighbors that treat Jackson like their own.

Jackson waving to the crowds.....OK, just Dad

It was a perfect evening. Grateful for our neighbors getting us "indoories" people out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Fun

We headed out to the Bingham Copper Mine Tuesday. It is free admission this week and for the on-slot of people venturing out they have you park by the main gate and they bus you up. Might have been the best part for Josh and Jackson.

How many kids can you fit on the platform???

Jackson just wanted to stare at the boys.

Outside the gift shop. Like most gift shop it was packed with all kinds of trinkets and Josh zeroed in on a pocket knife that had his name engraved on it.

Moth to a flame.

The kid was so excited.

Like a responsible parent I bought it for him, unsure how soon the first injury would take place.

(day #2 no blood) all just a matter of time.

I found a splash pad out in Herriman and I think Jackson was the only one that liked it.

James and Hudson (my adopted child) did not want to get wet.....

Josh played for a little while then lost interest.

Jackson had the time of his life.

I am learning I just can't please everyone.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Staple

One of the many things I love most about summer is heading into "Maga's Pool" (Evergreen Swim Club)

Nothing exceptional about the pool, but it is a great place to gather and enjoy one another.

We always seem to gather Saturday morning at the club and try to gather as many of my siblings as possible. (I miss Team Neider TERRIBLY)

The more the merrier.

I love that growing up I spent countless hours swimming with my cousins and I love that my boys now have the same opportunity.

Love tricks off the diving board, raspberries on the toes from jumping on the bottom of the pool to keep afloat, love once the length of the pool seemed impossible to swim....

Always a good time.

I know it looks like I beat Jackson, but we think he is having an allergic reaction to something. The poor little guy looks like he took one right to the eye.

Cheers to another great day at the pool and many more to come.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th...

We had an amazing weekend with lots of activities.

We found 4 ducks in the storm drain and were able to play with them for a bit. Josh wanted to keep them and have them for his pets.

After having the ducks for a few hours one duck expired and headed to duck heaven. I decided to take them to the river.

Taking the ducks down to the river

Tibble Fork Reservoir

We headed up with our next door neighbors

Good times had by all.

This Kid could not be any happier

Me and my boys

When the boats were on the shore Jackson would climb in and out

Kayaking for the boys

Saturday afternoon I painted the boys with some tribal war paint

July 4th

Salt Lake Swim and Tennis Club

After swimming we headed to Bountiful for some grub and fireworks
The sounds scares the kid and then we get a clap and a smile

Love the fireworks

Alittle Dad time

Smoke bombs

How many people does it take to lite a parachute?

Takes a whole group when working against the wind

The kiddos waiting for their parachute to be launched

The Spectators

(sadly missing Team Neider and Sin City Dwellers)

The adult only Fireworks

The excitement

Thanks to Trent and Amy for all the fun.