Friday, June 25, 2010

Slip Sliden' Away

One of my favorite things about summer is the big slip n slide I put up on our hill in the backyard. Yesterday it made it's maiden voyage. I LOVED IT!!! Amy and the hoard came down and we all had so much fun. The kids played on it for hours. Nothing better than an activity to keep kiddos happy for hours.

The boys getting ready to race

Amy as the boogie board
Jackson made a few runs with me.

Loved every minute of yesterday. I need to give the grass some time to recover, but that baby is going again for some more summer fun.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mother Evie

Jackson's cousin Evie, thought he would be the right size to fit into her baby stroller. So we strapped the kid in and away they went. Jackson loved being pushed around the house and Evie loved taking care of him. It was a win win situation for all parents.

Evie was taking Jackson to the zoo.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

JILL & Cameron

June 4th finally came!!! I think Jill has had a count down since the morning they got engaged. The day started off with a breakfast up at Mom and Dad's. It was a perfect morning to be together and enjoy good food. (Thanks Mom)
Jake and Candice made the trek from Las Vegas and it is always good to be with everyone.
These boys can't get enough of each other.

All the boys looking fab.

Waiting for our sister.
All the kids looked great in their outfits.
These 4 are surely figuring out the ins and outs of the college football conferences.

This GIRL!!! Never a dull moment when she is around.

This picture sums up the way each kid was feeling that evening after many pictures opportunities

Brooke in her "Golden Rod" dress. One of the highlights of the night was Brooke sporting this number to get a rise out of Jill. We had specific instructions to wear Black and White and Brooke took the opportunity to play a joke. I think we all thought it was funny except Jill.

The day was perfect and we are so excited to have Cameron part of our family. He is so good to Jill.
*Thanks Maga and Papa for the best wedding location ever!! The backyard was amazing and they were so nice to open up their home and yard to many.
Congrats Jill and Cameron

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What's Up???

A Little Somthin' for the Homies

What's Up!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Local Happenings

I feel in such a slump, that my blog posts seem like a chapter out of a "Debbie Downer" novel. So with life still moving are a few things we have been up too.....

Happy Birthday Frank!!
We had a BBQ for Frank's birthday. We wanted him to have a great day has he is now a "senior citizen".(He doesn't look it) It was a wonderful day with good food and fun. I couldn't ask for a better father-in-law.

I wanted to introduce Jackson to rice cereal, but the kid can't keep his fingers out of his mouth long enough to get a spoon in there. So I mixed cereal on his little tray and the kid would rub his hands in it and lick his fingers. It worked perfectly. He is not sure about the cereal, but all in good time.

Josh "graduated" from preschool this last week. Let me just say that "all good things come to an end". This kid needs something to do or he is bugging me or getting into trouble. His preschool was expensive, but the best money we spent. I am now looking forward to sending him to Kindergarten 5 days a week.

Monday night was the first night in a LONG time Brad didn't have in homework so naturally we took to a project. We cut down two trees in the yard.

The boys thought it was good fun until we made them haul the tree trimmings to the curb.

And not 24 hours later.....the tree trimmings were back in the yard with forts being built, and Tepees being erected, with a fire pit (to cook the grizzle bears that were hunted down) and a arsenal with harpoons and bazookas. (How do they even know what a harpoon and a bazooka are???Chalk one up for the good parenting.) This one is the 3rd phase of the building process. The trees have gone from the yard to the curb back to the front yard and now in the back yard. Can you actually be in the negative from where you started? I can't complain!!! The fort building process kept the boys entertained for about 6 hours yesterday, It was a beautiful thing.

I have to say totally impressed with their imaginations and I don't think I am ever letting the tree trimmings go.
James' last day of school is tomorrow and summer will be in full swing. I am going into summer with a postive attitude!!!!!
We will see how long it lasts!!!!