Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Too Many Boys??

There is nothing better than when your baby starts to smile at you. this boy could have won a gold medal in the Olympics and I think I would be equally excited. I just love that there is that recognition. So while basking in the fabulous talent that is smiling with my little guy (sorry to say some time had past), this was where I found my other guy........

Yes, that's right. Josh has taken to the corner behind Jackson's crib. I guess we have a Harry Potter vs. Dudley case on our hands. I was so excited about the smiles and Josh crawls in the corner. I can honestly say I am not really sure where James was while all this was going on. I guess we can go ahead and cross my name off the "Mother of the Year".
A few things I learned.....
1. I might need to give all my boys some attention
2. Not enough Mom to go around
3. If Josh has some emotional scaring and is in therapy, I am sure this picture could answer alot of questions.
4. Can't get enough of my little guy's smile

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Testing...1, 2, 3

Last Friday was Jackson's 2 week check-up with the Dr. (grandpa). Frank found a heart mummer and was not overly concerned, but thought it was something that needs to be address with a cardiologist up at Primary Children's. Frank was able to get us in and today was the day for our visit. Lots of test were in front of us for the afternoon, but our little guy was ready and was an ideal patient.
Check out my calm little guy will getting an EKG test done. However he did get upset when the nurse pulled the little round stickers off his chest. I was also upset with her.
Checking out his surroundings. Our little Jackson got the name, "the worlds best baby" through all the tests he was put through.

Our little guy went right to sleep has they started the Echo (Ultrasound) on his heart. With all the slim and moving him around for an hour the kid just slept and took it all in. I am sure it helped to be wrapped in warm blankets. The boy was a champ!!!! The best part of the day was the heart mummer is small and is very likely to close on its own has he grows. We will have to have check -ups with the Cardio Dr. about every 6 months for awhile.
What an amazing blessing it is to live in a time when good medical care is available.

This was a guys reward for such good behavior during our long afternoon at Primary Children's. The boy got to cuddle with our own "Nanny Mcphee". Nothing better than a nap with the one you love.

After a nap with Brooke, it was time for a bath. Our little guy loves them.
It was a long afternoon, but are very grateful for the test outcome. Thanks once again to our own "Nanny Mcphee" for taking care of things on the home front.