Thursday, January 15, 2009

Parenting Faliures

I spoke to soon.............

Last night James told us Josh put up his middle finger.

Mom and Dad... "Josh, I hope you didn't do that"

Josh....."It was an accident"

Last night as the boys and I were watching TV, out of no where Josh tells me.. "Mom, I follow Satan."

I don't know if I should laugh or cry. (If I am honest with myself there are times I believe it.)
Brad asks Josh "do you knows who Satan is"?
Brad talks with Josh about the war in heaven. After a minute Josh says, "I follow Jesus and Satan"
Where am I going wrong. He is 4 years old. He is not suppose to know about half the stuff he does and says. So, if anyone has any ideas on how I can teach my child let me know.


Amy said...

Nice. First of all I love when kids say things were an "accident." Ya, right!

Second, I love that Josh is following Satan. Hilarious. Don't worry, he has until he is 8 to get his life in order. After that he will be accountable for it all! ;)

bjensen said...

Ok! I'm laughing out loud!!! That is so funny! I HATE when I "accidently" put my middle finger up!

And he follows Satan? Where does he come up with that stuff?!

Annie said...

Everything about this post is hilarious. From the accidental middle finger to the following of Satan . . . it's just so funny.

If it makes you feel any better, when Brian was about that age he told his mom he was going to "dig to the devil" . . . and he turned out pretty great, I think. There's hope! :)

Maga said...

Heidi--You're not a failure!! In my book you're still SUPER WOMAN!!! Don't give up! Love you lots!!!

Jamie N said...

LOL! Don't hate me that I'm laughing at your misery. I love that kid! So funny! I'm glad he's around to keep us all laughing - even if it makes you want to cry. Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff?!

Shelly Karren said...

Heidi--not to worry; looks like Annie already told you about Brian's goal to "dig to the devil" in his formative years. It's all pretty funny.

gma said...

Heidi your blog is so entertaining! Sorry to do this to you but you've been tagged!!

alicia said...

You've been tagged