Thursday, April 23, 2009

You know you are a Mom when...

You know you are a Mom when....
you walk to the bathroom and get blank stares when you say you want to go alone
you are going to the bathroom and the entourage joins you with "fabulous" information
you sit on the couch and everyone sits on the same cushion
you know more about Lego's and star wars than current events
you think you know all the current events after checking out at the grocery store
you hid your snack so it doesn't get consumed when you walk away
you once again get the blank stares when you say, "Mom is going out for a little alone time"
you need to wear a black and white striped shirt and a whistle around your neck
you when are trying to talk peace treaty's over light sabers and guns
you want to have a shower alone so you can shave
your Mac & Cheese consumptions triples
you have to keep the battle noises quiet in sacrament meeting
you know when Spongbob comes on so you can try to schedule a trip alone to the bathroom
you bed becomes the site WWF, (that is NOT brad and heidi WWF)
you ask for help around the house and you would think you had just asked for a limb chopped off
you say, "I am not your maid" and they don't understand
you start watching your favorite show and you get complaints, so you leave to the next room and 5 minutes later you are no longer alone
what you want is......long gone
To my own Mom..sorry for all the blank stares and "group" bathroom trips.


bjensen said...

So you don't like it when I follow you into the bathroom?! This just got a little awkward.....

Jamie N said...

So funny. Why wouldn't your boys want to follow you wherever you go? You're so fun. This is hilarious - and so true. I never understood it until now. Annie follows me every where. I have to sneak away to make it to the bathroom alone.

Amy said...

Love this post. Being a mom is the greatest! I love having an audience too when I relieve myself. What's funnier are the comments being made while I do it...

Maga said...

Heidi--You're A SUPER MOM as well as SUPER WOMAN. Enjoy the company--someday you'll miss it.

Jacob J. said...

I love the WWF comment!

I think you are a great mom.

Shannon said...

GREAT post Heidi. Definitely made me laugh.

I am SO glad that I got to see you and your family yesterday. It was a tremendous surprise. I love your family so much Heidi. I hope you know that.

Let's not wait so long to see each other next time, okay? Okay.