Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby Annie

Friday we decided to grab our favorite "little bean pole" for the days activities. One would have thought it was Christmas morning. The boys were so excited to go get Annie. Once we were dressed we headed to get Annie. The Boys were thrilled to see her. Once we had the little lover we headed to Chucky E Cheese for some excitement.

Send this girl to Vegas.....lovin' those nickel slots.
A ride in the monster truck (she liked it when it was not moving)

The boys couldn't get enough of her.

We decided to keep Annie for the night since Jamie and Mike headed down to the BYU game. All I can say is Annie seems pretty comfortable under the red and white.

We loved having Annie for a little sleepover. The girl is the happiest baby ever.


Jamie N said...

Wow. You deserve the award for best sister ever! Seriously, you were so nice to take her for SO LONG. And I'm sure it's been months since she's had that much fun (probably since the last time you had her). Thank you, thank you!!!!

Andrea said...

She really is a beanpole isn't she?! Her parents need to feed her more!

Maga said...

Thanks for sharing the cute pictures of Annie--you are SUPER WOMAN to take her during the BYU game. Glad your boys enjoyed having her there--she fits right in!!!

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

We were so excited to go to Chuck E Cheese with you guys and what a Bonus to spend time with that gorgeous little Annie. You know how Izzy loves her. I think my arms are starting to get most the feeling back now after dancing with her so it's all good. We can't wait 'till Annie comes to play again. Be sure to call us so we can come see that little cutie.
-the Rivers Fam
ps- I think that red and white fits her just perfectly, like she was born to be a Ute!

Amy said...

So much fun. That is all I have to say about you. Annie is lucky to have such a fun Aunt!