Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

I am certain that Halloween is not a multi day holiday, but it turn out to go on for a few days. The festivities started off on Thursday at James school with a Halloween parade.
Followed by carving pumpkins later that night. Which Mom ended up doing since the boys thought the inside of the pumpkins were gross.

Our end product

Friday morning we met up at DFCU for trick-or-treating around the office. This was a favorite the kids have so much fun and love being together.

A visit to the next financial institution to see Peter Pan

Friday night was a little party up at the Bentley's. The mummy wrap is always a favorite.

Brad named James Elizabeth Smart

Putting on the finishes touches

I don't even have pictures of the big day itself, but we headed to Grandmas Teri's for dinner and trick-or-treating with the cousins again. Lots of fun watching the kids run from house to house. Lots of fun, but I was ready for Sunday the day of rest!!!


Frances said...

Wish we had been there!

Andrea said...

You guys make me tired!! Always something going on with all you Jensens!! So fun!

Maga said...

Scary, but cute 7 grandkids of Teri's (plus 1 fairy). Thanks for all the pictures!!! Hope you got your day of rest, SUPER WOMAN!

Amy said...

Love the mummy wraps and I can't believe Brad called him James Elizabeth Smart. Funny. It was fun hanging out with you all weekend!

Jennifer said...

So cute! The kids all looked great and Annie turned out darling. See how much fun you could have if you have a little chick-let? We could have her all tutu-d out in no time.

Jamie N said...

I'm dying over the Elizabeth Smart costume! Funniest thing I've heard all week.

Cutest transformers around. Thanks again for bailing me out with the Halloween costume this year!