Saturday, January 2, 2010

Well Worth the Wait??????

Totally off my blogging game, but since I try and justify blogging as my family history record I better do a MUCH better job. So, Since Christmas we have been waiting for the little one we have done alot of sitting. So here to some of the 2009 holiday highlights.


Maga said...

Thanks for sharing your 2009 highlights--here's to a great new 2010!!!

Amy said...

Yes, you need to do much better! I love posts from your life! Sorry if you really did get some goopy eyes from us. I hate spreading things.

And good luck this week. Let me know when I can take the boys and bring you dinner!

Liz said...

Is that foam soap?? If it is, your boys and my boys are exactly the same way....emptying the entire can out in one giant foam ball!! Love it!