Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break takes on a whole new meaning with kids. This year we headed to St. George with the parents. This was the first trip with 3 kids. HOLY COW!!! So much work. Maybe I went into this third kid idea blind, but I really think that it doubles the work. So good bye a spring break with some R & R.
It really was nice to get away and be in warmer weather. Could have been alot better, but with sunshine and blue skies the temps were bearable. The kiddos, Mom and I headed down Tuesday afternoon. The first thing to do once out of the car and unpack is swimming.

Jackson's first adventure in the pool. I don't think he knew what to think.
This kid can not get enough. He would swim for sun up to sun down if he could. Even swimmers ear didn't slow him down much.

This has to be one of my all time favorite pictures. We stopped at target for the coke on sale. It was only 10 to a customer and we walked out with 20 12pks of coke product.

I have to say that we hit Target again for another round of coke product a few days later. Over doing it??? With more than half the Jensens addicited those boxes will be gone in no time. Our family alone could keep Coke in business.

Nothing better than Thursday morning when Grandpa and Jen showed up with Adien and Andrew. These boys get together and it is not stop movement. I love watching them all interact.

Soaking in the sun!!

Self proplled boat

The boys playing dead. Looks like alot of fun.

A night with all the kids while Trant and Amy went to dinner. To bad we couldn't get Oakley to look.

This was Jackson's make-shift bed in the closet. It worked out rather nice.

Brooke is getting ready for everyone to go on a Easter Egg Hunt. Preschool material!!
We did an Easter Egg Hunt Saturday while all the men went to Priesthood.
All the kiddos lined up. I think Morgan night have been a little confused as to what was taking place.

James took this picture for us. It turned out Ok. We missed having Jamie and Jill. Maybe next time. We are so lucky that we now have Candice in our family. Our family has been so lucky to get such AMAZING in-laws. Amy and Candice are just like our sisters. Lots of fun, but I am sure I know need a vacation after my vacation.


gma said...

your family is so cute!!!

Annie said...

What a fun/busy time. I love all of the pictures. Those kids play so cute together. Loved seeing pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt - we play at that park when we're in SG, too.

Amy said...

This weekend was great. It was so nice to hang out with you again. And I do love how our boys can't get enough of each other!

Jamie said...

Ahhh. It looks heavenly. I'm so sorry we missed all the fun. Boo. And I'm glad to see you guys stocked up on some DC. I can't believe how much Jackson is looking like Josh. Has anyone else said that? Either way, he's cute as can be. I love your boys. We need to get them together with Annie soon.

Mandy said...

Heidi- You are making me nervous about having my third at the end of May! Though even with what you said, you appear to handle it well. I need a little St George sun after all this snow!

Andrea said...

So fun! Love St. George!! Happy Easter!

Jill said...

It looks like so much fun! I am sorry we missed it. It is so fun to get away down there and all be together. I'm glad the essentials were stocked up on.

I have to agree with Jamie, Jackson looks so much like Josh. All your boys are adorable. And Jackson is getting so big!

If you are up for it, we should go on a double date sometime (or we can just come over and play sometime). Let me know!

Shannon said...

Your boys are getting so big!! I'm glad you at least got a few days away from home, even if it didn't feel too much like a vacation.

Miss you Heidi!

Maga said...

You'll have to be Wonder Woman with 3. Somehow the third one is the hardest as you only have two hands for two children. Your mother was our third and I think our best so maybe you'll be lucky too!!! We love you all and so glad to see so many cute pictures of little Jackson!!!

Liz said...

Oh, your baby is just too stinking cute!! I love his smile!!