Friday, March 4, 2011


I have said it so many times, that I HATE TUESDAY AND THURSDAYS. Brad goes to school those nights and I am a single Mom all day.
Enter my limited ability to entertain kids while keeping a smile on my face and a spring in my step.
The other night the boys and I made bouncy balls.
I found the kit on clearance at Target.
Kept them happy for awhile.

The sun broke out for about an hour and we tried to enjoy and soak up as much sun as we could in that hour.

Jackson loves pulling things apart and making as many tiny pieces has possible.
The kid needs a roll of toilet paper and he is happy.
It is such a mess.
However, it keeps him happy on those long days and he has already pulled the toilet paper off the roll for me. I now just have to grab a hand full on my way in.


Amy said...

Making bouncy balls? Sweet. And that mess Jackson made. Wow. How can something that cute make a mess like that.

Maga said...

Glad you're enjoying your boys!!
40 years from now you will have forgotten all those fun things!!!

Frances said...

Hah, that makes me laugh about the toilet paper. Seriously, the loss of a roll is worth keeping them distracted.

Jamie said...

You are WAY too hard on yourself. You're ALWAYS doing fun things with your kids (and mine for that matter).

They are lucky to have you.

Se Cuida said...