Monday, April 11, 2011

Waxing = $10.00

On Sundays anything can happen. Lots of time and Aunts looking for something to do.

Sunday afternoon Brooke and Jenny came down to have their eyebrows waxed.

Brooke thought it would be fun to wax Josh.

With much persuasion and $10.00 on the line Josh buckled.

I think at this point Josh is re-thinking all of this.

Totally impressed...Josh didn't scream or anything. He took it like a man.

$10.00 later and a red forehead he is happy.

We are off to Target after school.


The Jensen Duo said...

You are so brave Josh, even your Uncle Jake screams when he gets his eye brows waxed! :)

Amy said...

Man, I wish someone would pay me money to get waxed. Hope you got something cool at Target!

Jamie said...

That's hilarious!

brooke said...

he was such a great sport!

you'll have to send me a picture of what he got.

loved seeing you and spending time with you. we need to do it again! i feel like i haven't spent time with you in a while. lets change that before we both leave the country.