Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving...St. George Style

Blue skies, warmer weather and lots of family. Perfect recipe for a fun filled Thanksgiving weekend.

It started off Tuesday morning when the Boys and I headed down to St. George to met up with Grandma, Grandpa and Jenny.

Naturally once the car is unloaded it is time for a swim.

After swimming we clean-up and headed to dinner to met up with Jake and Candice as they head up to Idaho for their Thanksgiving weekend. A fine dinning experience at Smash Burger. Mike and Jamie and their family met up with us at dinner.

Jackson enjoyed dinner. This poor kid was well on his way to getting sick.

These two are so fun together.

Grandma teaching Jackson how to text.

Favorite picture.

We went shopping and lost Annie and the girl had climbed in and up on the racks.

So good.

The best part, she couldn't figure out how to get out. Jamie had to stick about half her body in to rescue her.

Girls ready to run the 1st Green Springs 5k Turkey Trot

Grandma and Brooke doing warm ups

Amy finishing strong

Trent was good enough to organize the race, but he finished so fast I don't think anyone had time to pull out the camera and be ready.

Jenny looking good finishing up
Dad has turned into an amazing runner. He is so dedicated. He is the incredible shrinking man. Every time I see him he keeps getting skinner.

Example of exercising and eating right.

Brooke finishing up.

The kiddos played while waiting for the 5k runners and getting ready for the kids run.

Josh and Aiden in prep for the start of their big race
Grand kids race Grandma

Sister race

Team NeiderThis kid is so happy in the water.

One of the highlights for the kids....

Having Big Brad and Cameron throw them in the pool. Aiden was able to get some air.

A little bit harder to get James up and out of the water.

Black Friday really started Thursday night at 10:00. A few of us headed to Walmart for the 10:00 deals. Crazy!!! Let me just say that the leader of the pack was non other than Cameron. He is a machine. He ran down the aisle to get a good spot at the DVD display. Don't mess around with him. You need anything he can get it. He even braved the electronic department.


After our purchases we headed to Target to met up with Trent and Amy in line, Target opened at midnight.

Once we

Let me say this. Trent and Amy were after some very specific items at Target and seeing the line-up outside I didn't know how good the chances were. After being sneaky (okay,...dishonest) I got in and headed to the electronics to find another line to wait and wait in.

Long story short and I don't really want to get into all my discretion's, we were able to get exactly what we needed. At 1:30 after our electronic purchases and seeing the check-out line winded through just about every aisle we carefully hid our treasure to buy later and went to Old Navy.We headed back to the house around 2:30 to get some sleep.

In the morning after a few hours of sleep we headed back out to tackle more shopping.

Once back at Target I found our treasure to still be where I carefully left them.

A visit to JCPenny's and Teri trying a dress over her clothes in the shoe dept.

It was a fun filled few days. Full of food, family, swimming, and lots of fun. Always crazy when so many of us get together, but nothing better than spending time with the ones you love.


Annie said...

Love your fun fun family. Glad you had a great, warm st. George thanksgiving...and a successful black Friday. xo

Maga said...

So glad for the update of the big Thanksgiving week-end!!!!

Amy said...

I am glad you were dishonest and got your space in line. It is going to make are Christmas awesome. Hopefully Trent can get over his guilty feelings and enjoy the kids opening their gifts!

Thanks for a great week. It is always fun to hang out with you!

Frances said...

Ooh, I loved these pictures. The race looked like so much fun. What a good weekend.