Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lessons Learned

* Nothing better than a sandbox for entertainment
*I should really clean my blinds more often. Every few years just is not going to cut it. (Yep, I said years)
*Trust myself and my instincts
*Do better with some ARK (Acts of Random Kindness)
I have been the recipient and it feels amazing
*I can do things around the house....learning to install a new garbage disposal, toilet and faucet

*Stop cleaning up after Jackson. When I put him in time out he pulls everything out of his dresser...I know he is trying to prove a point. I have stopped reacting to the mess and cleaning it up.
Two can play this game.

*My life/problems/trials could always be worse. I try to find things everyday to be grateful for.

*As hard as it is to watch my kids try things they shouldn't...Josh and Jackson just need to figure things out for themselves

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