Friday, March 29, 2013


My sweet Dodee passed away and there will forever be a void.
I learned some amazing things from my Dodee that I hold dear, and hope that
I someday can pass on to my children and grandchildren the value of a smile with a hug,
 the desire to serve others, the way to love completely, the ability to accept all.
What a blessing to have a few days with Dodee knowing the end was near.
I was able to have a quiet moment to express my love to her as did many others that were there.
With in a 5 day period I watched my fun loving Dodee prepare not only herself but those around her for her Journey into the arms of loving Heavenly Father.
She planned her funeral with her family and expressed her love to her family.
As I was able to spend some time at my grandparents I saw some of the most pure forms of love.
 I saw the most pure form of love.
A spouse's simple vigil of staying by her side and holding her hand

 The Love of a Family
 The love of a grown Son taking care of his Mom
 The love between a Mother and a Daughter
 The love of Granddaughters taking care of the one that took care of us.
 The love of a Spouse
 The love of Daughter-in-laws
 The love of a Sister-in-law comforting
 The love and comfort from an amazing Bishop
 The love between a Father and a Son
 The love between Brother and Sister
 The love of supporting
 The love between an Uncle and Niece
 The love of a Niece to an Aunt
The love of Best Friends
I saw the love of Friends and neighbors deliver food to feed us all.
How sad it was to say good-bye.
I truly feel blessed to have had Dodee in my life and to have been a witness to some much Love.

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Maga said...

Loved your blog about Dodee-thank you for sharing your pictures and feelings about her!!!!