Sunday, February 22, 2009

Westminster Basketball Game

Last night we met up with one of Brad's old basketball teammates to go check out the ever popular Westminster Griffins. We first met up for dinner and within a few minutes James and Josh were in love with the girls.

Josh's ability at self portraits is just amazing.

Brad explaining the ins and outs of the game.

This was Josh's main squeeze for the night. We got to the game and the played and sat right by each other. One would think we were all on dates. I told Josh I would take their picture and he went and wrapped his arm around Emery.

James' "date" for the evening. Irelynn is James same age and she was all about wrestling and some strength game. So funny.

It was fun to head back to the old stomping grounds. I am sorry to say we left at halftime to get kids in bed,but it was fun to see old friends that we don't see very often.


Jamie N said...

Ha, ha! I love that your boys have girlfriends. And I love the pic of Brad explaining the game to James. That look on his face. So typical of that kiddo - trying to figure out the world. I just love him to death.

Liz said...

What little lover-boys!

bjensen said...

How cute is Josh with that little girl! Watch out! He's going to be quite the ladies man!

Amy said...

Love the self portrait! I love that your boys are already working it with the ladies. So cute!

This post reminded of the time we went and watch Brad play. Seems like forever ago!

Maga said...

That picture of Brad explaining the game to James means he could explain the Birds and Bees to him too I guess.