Friday, February 6, 2009

Stumped by James

My James is such a curious little kid. He always asks me the most random questions. One can only imagine what goes on in that little head. Here are a few of the questions that he has asked me or Brad lately.

"Mom, do all the Pirates in the world have to speak English?"

"Dad, what language does Heavenly Father and Jesus speak?"

"Mom, tell me ways people can go blind."

"Mom, how does a Mom that is not married have a baby?"

I had the boys c-section (easy to explain how a baby is born)

"Mom, not all babies are cut out of mom's stomach."

Mom, "Really!"
"How does someone move to Hawaii. How do they get everything over the ocean?"

Words that James defines to Josh




bjensen said...

James! He's too cute! I'm so excited to see them tomorrow! He is ALWAYS thinking. He wants the TOTAL answer, and he knows if your not telling it.

Jill said...

Oh that kid! He kills me! I think you should add to that list "What is a profile name?" as we are sitting on the beach. So funny! You are going to have to get him a portable Google device so he can just ask that!

Amy said...

He is too smart for his own good. I love having conversations with him!

Annie said...

I love these posts about your boys. They always make me laugh. I agree with Amy: he's too smart for his own good. And, hilarious. I want to know how you answered the question about single Moms having babies. :)

Liz said...

What do you feed that boy?!?! Talk about creativity! What a smarty-pants. By the way, we have been dealing with the whole "holding up the middle finger" thing lately, too, and I secretly find it hilarious and have to be careful to not laugh when the offense happens. I always think of your post about the new years resolution, too funny!

Maga said...

James's questions will keep your mind alert. You're a perfect Mom for him!