Friday, August 14, 2009

Our New Addition For The Week

Annie has been a welcomed addition to our little family this week. The boys are having so much fun with her.This is sad, but I am getting a sore arm from holding the little bean pole. I guess since it is the only bit of exercise I get these days it will have to be OK. Sprinkler under the tramp was a great success. That girl just ran with the boys.

Josh had filled up this bin a little bit before with hose water to "play baptism" (Is that OK to let your kid play that??? This coming from the kid that just HATES when it is"church day) I guess he could be playing something worse. After Josh Annie took a dip into the COLD water. I guess hypothermia doesn't really bother her.

This is my favorite, and a good reason while one should be careful when asking to have their kids at the Bentley's. She was just able to to sit in the bin and breath in air. However, there were a few inhales of water, but she seemed to choke it down Ok. Note to the next sitter of Annie's.....the kid is not really bother by inhaling mouths full of water and a bit of hypothermia.

Josh wanted to get in with her, but she kept pushing him away that I guess getting is head under was good enough.

A little fearful for Annie has she is pushed away. I never know what that kid is thinking.

This smile is to die for. I love walking into get her out of bed and her big grin staring back at you. She is such a fun baby to have around.


Jenny Jensen said...

She is so cute! and she is any easy baby! Hopeful the one on the way is just as easy, if not they'll atleast be the same size(;

Annie said...

That little Annie in the bucket is the best picture! What a funny and darling little thing. Looks like your boys love having her around.

Andrea said...

Cute little dumplin'!! That's saying something when she gives you a sore arm. Your boys are darling with her!

Jill said...

You are SO nice to take on Annie for the week. You are so good with her and you always do such fun things with your kids. No matter what you say, you are a way fun mom!

Amy said...

Fun! Love the pic with Annie sitting in the water. Hilarious. You are nice to watch her!

Jamie N said...

Yay! Am I so lame to comment while on vacay? I just couldn't resist looking at your blog to see if there were any pics of "the little bean pole". Wow. I wasn't kidding, she really won't want to come back to my house after having so much fun at yours.

Thank you, thank you for watching her and making our getaway possible.

Love you!

Maga said...

So fun to see all the cute pictures!! Thanks for sharing!!!