Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Our time with Annie came to an end on Saturday night. It was sad to see my "little bean pole" leave. We had so much fun with her. All the girl needs for a good time is a bin and some water.

Just want to squeeze her!!!

Sunday evening the boys a fun in this human "rat ball". I am surprised that we have yet to have a serious accident, Yes that is Josh being run over by James. It kept the boys happy and therefore Mom and Dad happy.


Amy said...

Sweet! I love that "rat" toy! Looks like something your boys would love.

Andrea said...

Holy Smokes! That looks scary! Haven't seen the ER yet?? As long as they have fun, eh?

Jamie N said...

That rat toy is crazy. Leave it to you to find something like that for your kids to love. You're so fun.

Thanks again for watching the bean pole. I owe you. Maybe around Jan. 18 you can take me up on it. :)