Friday, September 4, 2009

Happenings at the Bentley's

As a prego stay at home Mom there is just not alot that happens to share with the blogging world. I guess most of the time I post for my own journal purposes.
The other day Jamie asked Josh, "do you have the best Mom in the world?"
After a dramatic pause from Josh he looks at Jamie and replies, "Maybe."
Clearly, not much exciting happening.
Josh's new sleeping companion. I don't know if he is afraid of something "evil" or what. The kid loves this baseball bat.

First day of 1st grade.

James' first day of first grade. It tugged at my heart strings a little bit. The first day we both did ok, but the second day of school James was having a hard time and I tried to be the "strong supportive Mother" (soon after he went in I fell apart).
This is the first day so YES he looks happy.

Josh's first day of preschool. His kid could not wait for school to start. He asked about every 15 minutes if it was time to go. He informed me the "I try to do my best at school". A little nervous at what he might teach the other students.

Earlier this week we had our 20 week ultrasound and to our relief everything looks great. All ten fingers and ten toes appeared as well as all major organs. Lucky, we were told we have a "test book" baby on the ultrasound. Brad and I both walked out feeling very blessed to have things looking so good. And NO, we did not find out the sex of the baby, but being a Jensen through and through I have decided that I think it is a boy. My only reason behind this is my willingness to prove people wrong. No offense to any that have made this prediction to me, but I have heard it so many times and I really don't care. I am just grateful for the fact that everything looks well. So to all you getting female vibes, I am going to go with a boy. (I think Brad really wants a Bentley Basketball team)

Here are the new little sport bodysuits that I bought.
I guess if we end up with a little girlie we can put an orange bow on. Really, it will take some time for us here to get use to having a girl around.


brendleca said...

It'll take a little while to adjust to having a girl, but you'll have her sportin' massive flower headbands and sparkly baby bracelets in no time.

Andrea said...

I can't believe James is off to 1st grade and Josh to preschool! How nice to have a little time to yourself! James will be just fine once he gets into the swing of things!

alicia said...

Congaratulations regardless! I hope you are feeling well. I am not that far away and am more than willing to take the boys (even though they don't know me) let me help!!!!!

Liz said...

Congratulations, Heidi!!! I am with you, a happy healthy baby is great regardless of the gender...I however could never wait to find out until the end! You're tough to wait it out!
Your boys look so excited to be off to school, what handsome boys!

Amy said...

I love that you are waiting to find out! So exciting! I don't know what gender vibes I am getting. I'll have to meditate about that. And so awesome that all looks well. That IS the best feeling in the world!

Congrats to James for going to 1st grade and Josh to preschool. That must be a great feeling not having any kids at home. I can't wait for that day in my life.

We need to come hang out. It seems we haven't hung out for a month or so. I will have to come out there and play sometime soon.

Maga said...

I like your philosophy about having a boy. Glad the perfect baby will help fill your time with your 2 school boys.

Jamie N said...

I love your boys. Just seeing their pics makes me smile. And I still can't believe James is gone for so long everyday. Kind of sad. We LOVED having Josh over to play and we'd love having him again. Annie loved having a playmate around.

Mandy said...

Heidi- Congrats on your pregnancy! You are brave to not find out the gender of your baby. I can never do that. I don't like surprises! It is a big enough surprise for me to find out the gender the day of the ultrasound!

bjensen said...

I think your kids are so cute. And James is SO smart! I'm glad he could teach me about the plan of salvation!

aBfife said...

Ok, I woke up dreaming about your new little baby. HE was the happiest little smiley thing. Yes HE (much to my dismay) would not stop smiling and we were all laughing. Cutest little thing with dark hair. I don't think my dreams are too prophetic, but I did have a dream before I knew I was prego with Bentley about a little girl with a blonde bob. The next day I took a pregnancy test. So maybe!