Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Josh

True to form the Birthday Boy was all a twitter with his up coming birthday. There is nothing better than a birthday as a kid. Having friends and family around a party in your honor. I would say that the "spooky" party was a hit. The kid had a wonderful time and he went to bed with out a hitch. (always a sign of a good day)
First on our list of activities was the trip up to get our two favorite boys. When these boys get together anything is fair game. Josh wanted to mini-golf with the boys, so after picking them up we headed to say Hi to Grandpa Brad and than to golf.

Watching these boys golf was so funny.

Strike A Pose!!

This fabulous find was from James. Anything that has an evil undertone will fit right in with Josh.

Birthday Boy

Bouncn' Fun!!

Look at the helpers.

Enjoying cupcakes

Tackle Brooke

It was such a fun day. I think my favorite part was climbing into bed. I was beat. It was a really fun day and thanks to everyone that called, and came by to wish Josh Happy Birthday.


Annie said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. Looks like such a fun day/party!

Shannon said...

I saw Brooke's post this morning and I'm shocked that Josh is five! Looks like he had a great birthday. I'm sure that took a lot of energy on your part to put that all together!

Andrea said...

Don't ya just love a good birthday?? There's nothing better! Happy birthday Josh!

Maga said...

Dear Magic Woman--glad you put on such a terrific party with great pictures--even though beat aren't you glad it's not 5 years ago. (Will Josh go to kindergarten next year?)

Amy said...

The party was fun and it was so spooky as well. Loved hanging out with you again. Maybe next week we can have Josh over for a sleepover.

Jamie N said...

Such a fun party, but then again, you are the party guru. Thank you for inviting us. I hope Josh is getting good, constructive use out of his shotgun.

Love that boy.