Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Round #2

Today we had another appointment up at Primary Children's Hospital for his heart. I have such anxiety going into these appointment, but I am happy to report
things went well.
Brad and I both knew Jackson still had the heart mummer. It was still audible at the Dr.s office during his well child check ups.
After a night of little sleep I headed up to PCH early this morning. I am so lucky that my Mom was able to go with me. Our first stop was at Radiology to get chest x-rays and my boy did great. After x-rays we headed to cardiology to met with the Dr. and have the rest of his testing done. This kid was all smiles as we wait for the nurses and Dr. to get to work on him.

Once in Cardio the little guy was weighed, measured and blood pressure taken. After being man handled Jackson was hooked up for his EKG. Once again the kid was a champion. He had about 12 stickers placed all over his chest and belly and then hooked up for a few minutes. Jackson played with a set of keys and never let out a cry. After the test they have to take off the stickers and I cringe as the nurse starts to take them off, Jackson didn't even seem to notice.

After the tests and meeting with the Dr. the diagnoses is the same that I had anticipated. Jackson still has a little hole in his heart, but the Dr, assured me that with most cases the hole will close on it's own. We will still have to have check-ups about every 6 months with the cardiologist, but as long as Jackson keeps growing the little hole will not be a problem.
I feel so blessed!!! While walking the halls at the hospital I saw plenty of little kids that truly have struggled through some major physical hurdles. I feel blessed that the prognosis for my little Jackson is positive. I feel blessed that I have two other boys that are physically healthy. As Brad and I have struggled through some hurdles of our own lately I realize that to have our own healthy and happy children is truly a blessing.
Until another 6 months......


Amy said...

Oh I am glad your Mom could go! And I am even more glad that things are okay. He is such a cute little stinker. Loved having you up yesterday.

Jamie said...

Having healthy babies really is such a blessing. I'm so glad everything is okay with the little man. And I'm glad he was good for you. Now let's get away for a while this weekend. Hooray!

Maga said...

So glad for the good report!!! Glad your Mom could go with you!!
Glad your surviving all your problems--we pray for you!! We love you all lots!!!

Shannon said...

Heidi - I had no idea this was going on with your little boy!! I'm glad all is well. Love you guys!