Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Worlds

This is my life.....
We found a snake in the yard the other day and Josh has taken it in. It sits on the porch in a bucket.

It has been a great source of entertainment for this kid. He has found worms for the snake to eat and checks every morning on it.

Josh named this little pet snake snakes. He told Brad, "It's a snake and it has eyes"

Everyday Josh tells me he will keep it for three more days.

I can't believe the little guy has hung on this long.

While in the middle of raising three boys, I have found that life is very different then raising girls. I love spending time with Jamie and her two little girlies, and when I say girlies....I mean Annie loves everything that is "pretty". Pretty shoes, pretty dresses, pretty jewelry, pretty goes on and on. Since I am without a female child I don't experience this on a daily basis.
Last week Josh, Jackson and I head down to PG to hang out with Jamie.
While hanging out my world of raising boys took a shock to the system. I am pretty sure the Cinderella movie was on repeat play. Annie looked for pretty dresses all over the house (Jamie has hidden many of her dresses so she doesn't change all day long) Annie recently acquired this little tutu (thanks grandma) and after taking off all her clothes she pulled on her tutu, grab some of Jamie's high heels and wanted to dance.

Needless to say boy and girl world are two different places.


Amy said...

Aiden and Andrew would love to come and play with Josh and Snakes. And Annie is such a girl. I love it. I have females children, but none of them are girly.

Jamie said...

I was laughing the whole way through that post. So funny how different our kids are, yet so alike at the same time. It still cracks me up that Josh and Annie are peas in a pod. Love that little snake-lover and love my little princess.

Maga said...

Glad you can enjoy your boys and the snakes! Keep us posted on Josh's (middle name Bill) busy life.

Andrea said...

Wow...Snakes, huh? Yikes. You are a better mom than I am...I don't think I could handle Snakes in a bucket on my porch. It give me the chills just thinking about it!

And what can you say about Annie? Funniest little one ever!

celeste said...

Lucky you! Your sister is just a drive away! You both have such DARLING kids!

Bennifer said...

Hey Heidi,
Your boys are so great! They are the quintessential boys, that is for sure! Your blog is so cute, and thanks for building me up in your comment on mine. We seem to be having a rough time getting Ben's carrier to really "take off" (no pun intended!), but I'm sure we'll get there eventually. If I didn't enjoy being married to Ben, I guess it would be a lot harder. :)