Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Josh!!

Happy Birthday Josh!!
This kid has been so excited for his big day. I have to say that as a mom I love that my kids get so excited. The day came off great.

So happy that his day as finally arrived.
Josh wanted to go bowling so we headed to the local bowling ally and let every one bowl to their hearts content. Really, I would say half way through the first game bowling had lost a bit of it's appeal with the kiddos. Fun times!!

After bowling we headed back home for the pinata that Josh wanted. Once the pinata broke it was the slowest pick-up of treats I had ever seen. All I can say is I hope they all got exactly what they wanted.
It was a wonderful day. I am so grateful for Josh. I experience the full range of emotions with him.
Frustration, anger, wonderment (is that a word?), amazement, confusion, excitement, happiness, enjoyment and many more.....
Josh keeps me guessing and I just never know what each day will bring.
I love you, Josh


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to Josh! He's getting so big...can't believe it! Glad it was a good one.

Maga said...

We all love JOSH!!! Glad he's part of our family and you, Wonder Woman, enjoy him so much!!

megan said...

that's funny... my brother josh had a birthday today as well!