Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am sure I take for granted all the amazing people that are a part of my life. I have truly been blessed with some of the most exceptionally good examples that have been constants throughout my life.
My sweet little James turned eight last month and he choose to be baptised. It was such a sure real event for me as a mother. As I watch my children experience things that I remember experiencing as a child, I realize how fast time goes.
After James was baptized a close relative (example #1) gave James 30 one dollar bills. When the money exchanged hands James was given a challenge associated with the dollar bills. Example #1 challenged James to use those dollars to help someone else. James could use it any way he saw fit. The idea behind this challenge was to help James to think of others. James will be help accountable for the money has example #1 will ask every so often what he has done. He just needed use it within the year.
I didn't know how James would react, but he took the dollar bills and placed them on the dresser.
Last week James came to me and stated that he had an idea of what he would like to do. He remembered that last year an individual (example #2) placed money in envelopes and as example #2 would be out and about through the holidays they would random hand out these envelope to total stranger.
Two nights ago James places one dollar in 20 different envelopes to hand-out to people that he sees that might need it. He placed the envelopes in my bag and told me that he will look for people when we go out.
As I lay in bed that night so grateful for the many examples that are in my life. I am grateful for the examples that are apart of my boys' life.
I thank you!!
I thank the good people in my life that are examples to me and my boys.
I thank you for doing good when you might not realize little ears and eyes are watching.


Amy said...

Way to go James! He is one lucky kid to have so many people to look up to.

alicia said...

Seriously...brought tears to my eyes. Nice job mommy! Amazing

Jamie said...

I keep meaning to get over here and comment! I LOVED this post! Really loved it. It's just so "James". He has a heart of gold. And I love both "example 1" and "example 2" for being such good people. This is a great post.

Maga said...

WONDER WOMAN--you are the great example to your boys. Add $8 for each of his years to add to his envelopes of helping people. Good for him (and good for you!)

Angela Bentley Fife said...

Naomi's trying to work the system and try to figure out how to do "service" herself and be able to spend the $30 on herself. She'll search for loopholes all year.