Monday, November 1, 2010

This Is Halloween

Halloween......I am pretty sure it was celebrated for 5 days. It seemed that the activities kept coming.
We first started off with a Halloween party up at Bentley's house with all the cousins. Nothing better than a toilet paper mummy wrap. This is always a favorite.

Next up...
A Halloween party at school along with a parade.
Nothing better then trick - or - treating at Desert First Credit Union and University of Utah Credit Union.
These little lovers
Trunk - or - Treat at the ward.

A week full of activities and fun... and bags of candy.


Amy said...

Halloween IS a week long celebration. Love that I got to do some of the celebrating with you guys! It was a good time as always!

Maga said...

Thanks for the picures of Halloween
Keep them coming

Jamie said...

We loved sharing some Halloween together. I LOVE that pic of Jackson and Maisy together. So cute!

Thanks again for always being to good to Annie. You're the best. I love you for it.

Shannon said...

This made me miss your family so much! Jackson has a smile to melt your heart. Adorable.