Saturday, January 1, 2011

Movie Round-Up

Over the past week I have seen so many movies. I am beginning to wonder if I really did anything else.

How Do You Know
That is the way the movie felt. I always love the shows Reese Witherspoon does, but this one feel short. Not a fan.
Yogi Bear
The boys and I went to see this one the other day and the boys loved it. I really like the actor, Tom Cavanghan from his days in the show Ed. Good Clean family fun.
We hit this show with Annie and Jamie. As a mom of all boys, to sit in a princess movie with Miss. A (the princess Guru) I have a new outlook on the Disney Princess magic that can touch a little girl. Like all Disney movies this one was great.

Nanny McPhee Returns
As a HUGE fan of the first movie I hoped the second would live up to it.
Wonderful. Loved the ending.
I love all the color that these movie have.

Loved the first hour of the movie, but then went down hill from there. She needs Brad Pitt has her on screen co-star.
Like everyone that saw it before me I was trying to figure it all out after credits. I am sure I will have to watch a few more times to really understand it all.
I loved the music for the main title.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
It was a good sequel, but didn't keep up with all the "wall street" vocabulary.

...also watched The Notebook one afternoon. I just love it!!!

I guess know that Christmas break is coming to a close we will all have to get back to real life.


Jill Clark said...

Holy cow, you weren't kidding about seeing a lot of movies. I love it though!

I'm sad to hear you didn't like the Reese movie. I, like you, just love her shows and was hoping it would be a good one.

I didn't like Salt either, we watched that the other night and it was a let down.

I'm hoping to talk Cam into going to see Tangled, maybe he will understand the Disney Princess Magic after that. :)

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh! You really did see a lot of movies. Glad we were part of one of them. I loved Tangled as well. You were so nice -- as always -- to help with the little squirt. She honestly loves you so much. She randomly calls out your name or out of nowhere will say, "I want Heidi!". I'm starting to think she prefers you over me.

Amy said...

Nicely done. We love a good movie around here. I have only seen one of those movies, but want to see the rest...even the Reese Witherspoon one.

Loved your Christmas post as well. Thanks for all you did for my kids. You are always so nice!

Maga said...

I didn't see "Miracle in the Rain" with Jane Wyman (who you look like) on your list of movies.