Monday, February 14, 2011

Brooke's Birthday!!

Brooke has made sure we are all aware that her birthday was coming. We had daily reminders along with a wish list. So, on Saturday the Jensens gathered for a birthday celebration lunch. It was wonderful. We met at Spaghetti Factory. We were able to pull off a surprise even with all birthday reminders.
Good food, good friends and family, and good fun. It is always fun to get together and always crazy.

Spaghetti Factory was smart to place our group up on a balcony away from it all. it was fabulous. The kids were all able to sit at their own table.
Aiden was all over the ice cream.
Cute love birds.

Brooke with some of her friends. They were able to get Brooke to lunch for the surprise.
We had lots of fun.
Happy Birthday Brooke!!!


Amy said...

Saturday was fun! Thanks for planning it. Brooke is lucky to have someone like you plan fun stuff!

Maga said...

Glad you pulled off the surprise. Why didn't Brooke sit at the kids table--she's a 22 year old kid isn't she!!!!

brooke said...

you were SO nice to get that together! love you for making my day special. good things will come your way!