Monday, August 8, 2011


Josh has become our neighbors project.

Once a week Josh gets the sides of his head shaved to get this mo hawk with a rats tail in back. It's real attractive.

Not only does our neighbor love shaving and then "styling", but Josh is loving it. He will has for lots of gel to keep hair "up".

Sunday morning Josh asked me to spike his hair and as I was working on it he looked up at me and told me, "You are not doing it right". He asked if he could run over to our neighbors house to have him "do my spikes right". 8:30 Sunday morning Josh run across the lawn to have his hair done.

Following Josh's latest shave we thought it was only appropriate that Josh get a "tattoo" to fit into the white trash model we are trying to achieve.

Naturally, Josh asked for skull and cross bones .


brooke said...

that kid!

Maga said...

Josh got a haircut like Bill had once--loved his toothless smile!
Boys are great aren't they!!!

Amy said...

His hair kills me. Really. And what is that Up house?

Jamie said...

Love him.