Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tennesse Fun

I recently spent 5 fabulous days with these 4 lovely ladies. It was so much FUN.

I love heading to a new city to explore; new surrounding, new restaurants (found some good ones), and new shopping (some might say it is the same shopping, but nothing better than finding TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls. Not only do I love shopping in these stores in SL, but love finding as many as I can in a new city to explore. Treasures to be found.)

The "Divine Miss. A." being crowned by Grandma. This girlie is a Princess all the way through.

I was thrust from the "boy" world and into "girl" world in no time.

These little darlings are just lovable.

Annie and Maisy see anything that sparkles, fabulously embellished, pink, or ruffles and their little eyes light up.

A drive by the Parthenon with a quick stop for a photo opt

Fried Green Tomatoes

simply wonderful, never would have guessed

Found some great fried chicken, southern BBQ and just good food

Other highlights....

Home of Andrew Jackson

Civil War Sites

CeCe's Frozen Yoguart

Nashville Tennessee Temple

Grand Ole Oprey

Downtown Nashville (Broadway)

Lots of time with my Best Friends


Andrea said...

So glad you had a fun time!! There's nothing like shopping in and exploring a new city. Happy to see you're shopping at the best stores EVER!

Maga said...

Glad you had such a great time with all those girls!!!