Thursday, February 2, 2012


Not much to blog about at the Bentley Compound. January is a brutal month. Glad we are on to February. We are loving spending time with Team Neider and Grandma Teri. I fear for the day Team Neider won't live close again. So Jackson and I will soak up all the girlie time we can get.

A favorite when Brad comes home from work. Tackle and a ride on "Glue stick". These three boys never get sick of it. "Glue stick" gets a little tired. Might be headed to the factory before to long.
In my efforts to keep Jackson and I entertained through the month, I have outings for us often. However, sometimes Jackson doesn't appreciate it. In my not so proud moments of being a Mom I let the kid enjoy a pack of Bubble Tape Bubble Gum. He goes through it all, chews and swallows. It keeps in happy.

Here is hoping to February is a lot more exciting.


Maga said...

What factory will you send the 'glue stick' to? And will Jackson explode with all that bubble gum?

brooke said...

one of these days i'm going to have sweet babies so i can join you. until then i'll hang out with my favorites from the CU.