Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day

With yet another day of no school, I was forced to find something to keep the wild ones busy. I am beginning to think there are way to many days off from school. I have another two weeks in front of me with one 4 days of school.

Are my kiddos getting any type of education?

Really they are...James was trying to teach me about trajectory while playing Angry Birds.

Monday morning we were off to Jungle Jim's.

Haven't been there in years and I remember why.

After a few hours of fun and games, we left that place with a flute, about 6 tubs of putty and I am sure some weird diseases, and I was grabbing for the bottle of Advil.

Not really sure what Jackson is doing.

I really think that my boys were to big for that place. James was turned away from a ride because he was to big.

This is Jackson's attempt at a smile.

Two Joshies


Amy said...

Jackson's attempt at a smile reminds me of Chandler's "picture" smile.

You kids are lucky...we just sat around on Presidents Day.

Maga said...

You're a good Mom!!!