Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Little Guy

This is what I did to my little guy today.
My heart aches as I see all the pain he is in.

Jackson has mulluscum. A skin virus that produces little zits/warts on his body. I took him to see Doctor Frank (Grandpa), and he drops a tiny bit of a liquid (Beetlejuice - Seriously) and it blisters and kills off the virus.
He doesn't move. He has the blisters all over his bum and up is back.
He doesn't want us to touch him.
We wrapped him in gauze and gave the kid a dose of Loritab and hope he will be able to get some sleep.
Brad and I carried him to bed each taking corners of the blanket he was on.

Hope my little guy gets some sleep.


Frances said...

Oh no!! Poor baby. That's the craziest thing I've ever heard of. Hope he gets better fast.

Laura said...

Poor little man!

Maga said...

Hope the parents survive!!! We'll
remember all of you in our prayers.

ajensen said...

Heidi--that is so sad. Three of our kids had mulluscom but we just never did anything and the body developed an immunity to it eventually. Does it just depend on how many you have? Poor boy!