Friday, March 9, 2012

On The Mend

It might not look like it, but we are on the mend. I never would have guessed this was the out come.
The kid has laid on the bed for 3 days not wanting to move or be touched.
Although, with a little Lortab down him, I would have him walk around without a diaper to air-out the sores. (He has some in the most unfortunate places)
When he is up and around he will wrap a blanket around him.
We have mastered the pick up so I don't touch any sores.
I have the wrapping up process almost mastered.
and for the first time in 3 days My little Jackson let me hold him in the rocking chair. With careful hand placement and weight distribution it was wonderful.
I missed being so close.

Amazing how the body heals, and slowly the one I love forgets about the spots.
(which is a blessing, I think we will have another round of treatment at some point)


Annie said...

This is so sad. Poor baby boy! And poor Mama who cares for him. So glad he's starting to heal and feel more normal. Bless your heart! What a long week for you!

Maga said...

Thanks for the update of recovery and the pictures! We pray for you.

Amy said...

Seriously poor kid?!? Glad he is feeling a little better. Geez, I can't imagine!

Dipo Dwijaya said...

I wish the best for your family and especially your baby. Dwijayas.