Saturday, June 23, 2012


Last week he head to Palisades down by Manti for the day with our amazing neighbors.
We headed out early to get to the lake with plenty of time to play. The kids headed out in the kayaks within a matter of minutes.
Loved of minute of it.
I was so impressed with James and Josh going out alone and rowing their way around the lake.
 There was a little dock that we could swim out to.
He was perfect to swim to and jump off it.
 Jackson couldn't be any happier.
 James enjoying the lake
 Plenty of time spent trying to catch little fish.
The boys did really well catching them with the nets.
 Jackson was so good about having his life jacket on. Anytime he wanted to get in the kayaks or swim he would always fine his life jacket to get on.

 James working on a hole.
 Bruce and Jackson taking a walk together.
 Jackson loved the kayaks.
Olivia was nice enough to tie the kayaks together and row around the lake.
He was in heaven.

These boys found mud to play in.
It was caked on them.

 This is how we ended the day.
So tired from sun and fun.

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Maga said...

Thanks for sharing the'fun and sun'
week-end with us!!!! Love to all!!!