Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weekend Winter Wonderland

Had an amazing weekend with The Jensen Hoard and Nate and Jen at the cabin.
It was so nice to get up above the inversion and enjoy the blue sky and sunshine.
Such a fun weekend with food, playing, snowmobiling, and laying around. 
The company was perfect.
Amy and I started hiking up with the boys.
It started out with smiles and happiness

Boys were so excited to take brakes.
No words needed
I love Bacon!!

 Lots of snowmobiling fun
A ride in the sled that ended in snow down all our backs

 We made a little track for the kids to ride around.
They were awesome taking turns and we had very few times that they needed to be pulled out.

 Bathroom break
A games of Spoons

 Sledding out
A highlight
 James got the worse of it. 
It was a successful weekend.
Thanks to the hoard for an amazing weekend.

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