Friday, January 10, 2014

Las Vegas Ragnar

Las Vegas Ragnar
There is always so much excitement, anxiety, anticipation, worry that I do before a relay, but Las Vegas was by far the hardest for me mentally and physically.
I had a sore IT band and I had a 10 mile run that I knew would not be very pretty. 
I try to prepare the best I could and be ready to do what I needed to do.
However, the very best party of the race was nothing associating to the race.
I was so excited to get down to Vegas to see and hold Jake and Candice's new little addition to their family.
Nothing was better then seeing Miss Allie and holding her. 
She is perfect in every way.
Grandpa took a liken to her in no time.

Race day came. Van 1 got up early and headed to the starting line for pre race instruction, safety briefing, and team check in. 
Mike was number 1 and started to run in the frigid temps. 

 This picture.....Mike was getting ready to start and Billy thought it was necessary to be behind him rubbing his legs.

 Billy warming up

 Team meeting

 Billy waiting for Mike at the exchange

 I love running relays with Billy.
After his first leg

 Dad waiting for Lana to come into the exchange

 Like Father Like Son
 Jake off on his first run.
He had a hellish run in front of him

 Mike is getting ready to start us off on our second legs. 
I guess alittle ballet warm up is good. 
I have zero picture from our vans second runs. 
I was so worried about my 10 miler I couldn't think of anything else. 
For good reason.
A little over half way into the 10 miler I felt my IT band starting to ache. 
With a little over a mile left in my run the belly started to to some tricks. 
I am pretty certain I cried my way into the exchange.
I wanted to fall on my face and never move again.
Sadly, My Van had lost sight of me on the course and were doubling back looking for me. 
Then they were stuck in traffic.
Van 2 was there and able to keep me on my feet to find my Van before they took off to catch their runner. I knew I was not in good shape. My IT band hurt like never before. I was about to loose my insides and once again it was freezing. 
With Van 1 second legs completed we were off to the hotel for showers and a soft warm bed.
I asked my Van to make an emergency stop at the gas station for the bathroom, then we continued to the hotel.
Once checked in, a hot shower and bed. 
When it was time to get up and prep for our finial leg...I knew I was in a world of trouble.
We left the hotel and Jake (he had hurt his leg) and I knew we were on the edge about running our last legs.
Jake maned up started his leg, but about 3 miles in realized that he was done. 
Lana took over, and then Bill ran the last part of Jake's leg. Mike started running the first part of my last leg and then Dad took over to finish off.
I was so disappointed in myself that I was unable to finish the race. 
I was so grateful that I had awesome team mates that were willing to help me.

 Such a great race
Grateful it was done and I was able to spend the next 3 days in bed.

 Billy was amazing.
He ran more then he thought he would have to, but he was able to double medal.

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