Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Graduation Dinner


I am so sorry that I am doing yet another post about having school behind us. If you are tired of reading about it skip this.

Tuesday night Brad and I were able to go to the EMBA Graduation dinner.

I never thought it would come. I can't believe we made it two years. Blood, sweat and tears okay, just really my many tears.

Sitting at the dinner with Brad, I could not wrap my head around that thought that his schooling is all over. There were many days I laid curled in the fetal position wondering if it would all end.

I was a wonderful night with Brad celebrating his accomplishment.


I loved getting to see the people we traveled with in Asia.

There are amazing people in Brad's class, and love their spouses as well.

6 weeks away from the graduation ceremony.


Amy said...

Don't worry about talking about it too much, its an amazing accomplishment!

And look at you and your ruffles and tie thing on your dress. So fashionable.

Obviously I am not, seeing how I don't know what to call the tie thing...

Annie said...

You write all you want about's a huge deal!!! And you look beautiful. Love your outfit!

Jamie said...

I love your skirt. So cute! And I'm with Annie, you write as much as you want. You guys put in a lot of work and two long years. You deserve some celebrating!

Maga said...