Sunday, June 19, 2011



I can't believe it is over. Brad went to his last class of his MBA career yesterday. It is a beautiful thing.

I can't believe we survived the two years. It came close to disaster a few times, but we made it.

I am so proud of Brad.

Graduation ceremony is in August and I am sure we will celebrate then, but for know I will enjoy having a husband on Tuesday and Thursday nights as well as through the weekend not having homework.

We had a "blue" (I say blue due to the fact that my heart belongs to the Utes. I couldn't even bring myself to have BYU letters in the house. A girl has to have standards.) party when Brad got home. We made he favorite food and enjoyed the weight that has been lifted.


Amy said...

Congrats Brad!!! And Heidi!!! I am glad you all survived the past 2 years! And I love the blue party. You are an awesome wife!

Jamie said...

CONGRATS! CONGRATS! CONGRATS! To BOTH you and Brad for making it through. What a fantastic accomplishment. So proud of you guys! How fun to have him back on Tues/Thurs/weekends. Makes all the difference in the world, right?
Maybe you should plan his "official" party in August when we can attend. We could probably contribute plenty of blue/BYU stuff.

Maga said...

Ditto on what Amy said! We'll let you have a blue party once.

brooke said...

Yay!! Your done! And smarter! Double threat! Congrats to both of you!