Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend of Fun

We had so much playing time this weekend. It was no-stop fun for all.

We started Friday afternoon by heading up to Trent and Amy's to watch the kiddos.

I took all 8 kids to the grocery store and I loved watching people around us count us all.

After some food we all played

Brooke came home from work and the kids were excited. Who doesn't love Brooke?

Saturday we met up at Mom and Dad's stake family fun day for lots of fun and food.

The kids hit the large slip-n-slid

Brooke brought the hoardGrandma and Grandpa enjoying every bit of the fun.

I have decided...don't let Grandpa fool you, every time I turned around he was talking to someone knew. I think he really enjoys social activities.Lunch with the masses.

Lots of fun.

I didn't take pictures, but the Hoard come over after family fun for some water fun.

I always enjoy activities with the kiddos. They all love being together. Nothing better.


Annie said...

I can't believe you took all eight kids to the store. That is awesome! Looks like a great weekend.

Jamie said...

Summers in Utah are the best. Looks like it was fun to be together.

And I can't believe you took all those kids to the store! You never cease to amaze.

Love you!

Maga said...

You were brave to take 8 kids to the store! Grandma looks alittle young with Grandpa Brad. Great pictures and blog!!!