Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Fun

We headed out to the Bingham Copper Mine Tuesday. It is free admission this week and for the on-slot of people venturing out they have you park by the main gate and they bus you up. Might have been the best part for Josh and Jackson.

How many kids can you fit on the platform???

Jackson just wanted to stare at the boys.

Outside the gift shop. Like most gift shop it was packed with all kinds of trinkets and Josh zeroed in on a pocket knife that had his name engraved on it.

Moth to a flame.

The kid was so excited.

Like a responsible parent I bought it for him, unsure how soon the first injury would take place.

(day #2 no blood) all just a matter of time.

I found a splash pad out in Herriman and I think Jackson was the only one that liked it.

James and Hudson (my adopted child) did not want to get wet.....

Josh played for a little while then lost interest.

Jackson had the time of his life.

I am learning I just can't please everyone.

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Amy said...

Look how fun you are. And of course Josh wanted a knife. And I love the pic of Jackson looking at the boys.

And I think your shirt is so cute!