Monday, July 18, 2011


We took advantage of living so close to the canyons Saturday and headed up to snowbird for a hike. It was amazing. The weather was perfect, the company was prime, and the boys were loving running through the mountains.

Jackson is HUGE!!!!

When I saw this picture I realized that maybe the "baby" carrier is no more. It looks like I have a 1st grader strapped to me chest.

These boys have so much fun together. If Jackson is in therapy when he is older for family identity issues one will know why.

I am pretty sure Jackson things Hudson is his brother.

I am sure he is happy has can be realizing that if he heads next door he can get whatever he wants. Our fabulous neighbors usually have a drink in the fridge with his name on it. They have his favorite ice cream treats in the freezer.I guess if down the road we have a few therapy bills it will be worth it for having neighbors that treat Jackson like their own.

Jackson waving to the crowds.....OK, just Dad

It was a perfect evening. Grateful for our neighbors getting us "indoories" people out.

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Maga said...

Glad you're enjoying your boys and glad you blog about it!! Sorry I can't offer to help when you go to Nashville--just report when you get back.