Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Staple

One of the many things I love most about summer is heading into "Maga's Pool" (Evergreen Swim Club)

Nothing exceptional about the pool, but it is a great place to gather and enjoy one another.

We always seem to gather Saturday morning at the club and try to gather as many of my siblings as possible. (I miss Team Neider TERRIBLY)

The more the merrier.

I love that growing up I spent countless hours swimming with my cousins and I love that my boys now have the same opportunity.

Love tricks off the diving board, raspberries on the toes from jumping on the bottom of the pool to keep afloat, love once the length of the pool seemed impossible to swim....

Always a good time.

I know it looks like I beat Jackson, but we think he is having an allergic reaction to something. The poor little guy looks like he took one right to the eye.

Cheers to another great day at the pool and many more to come.


Jamie said...

Oh my gosh! Jackson is my kindred spirit! I remember having a swollen eye just like that.

Thanks for the shout out. I wish we could have been there for all the summer/family fun. We miss you too.

I'm seriously DYING to see you. Three more weeks!

Amy said...

I am just going to call Jackson Sloth.

Maga said...

Hope there's more to come!! But glad for good memories!!!